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A lil bit about me and my art


In my art, I aim to capture the essence of warmth and light that surrounds us. I find inspiration in the organic glow in nature, and want to convey its beauty in a way that is both familiar and enchanting. The majority of my work center around nature but am also interested in exploring other subjects. My goal is to create art that can serve as a visual sanctuary for the viewer – a place where the beauty meets the comfort of a refuge. It’s about creating a space for reflection and even a brief respite from our day to day busy life.

My style leans toward but is not purely realism. With acrylic paint, I prefer building my art in layers, and apply a good amount of dry brushing. I want to share what touches my heart, so my current subject matter is based on places I love, and that have brought me peace, joy, or delight. Trees (especially redwoods), nature, Hawaii, and the ocean all hold a special place in my being.

I hope the viewers can immerse themselves in the beauty and discover a momentary escape. I want to remind all of us our yearning for tranquility and beauty in our heart and soul. Join me in exploring these realms and find solace in the warmth the scenery offers.

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